“Send This Song to My Friends”

Hello friends!

I have a music update for you! 🙂 I wrote a song during these crazy, quarantine times with the intention of bringing people joy, and I am excited to share it with you! It’s aptly titled, “Send This Song to My Friends.” 

I wrote this song in April while quarantined at home in California and feeling that heart pang of missing friends. I wanted to write a song that could lift people’s spirits. I started thinking about Pharrell’s song “Happy” and how that just instantly brings joy when you listen to it – and that was the first seed of inspiration for the song. I was also listening to Dnice’s live DJ sets on Instagram and discovering old Prince songs I’d never heard of (“Under the Cherry Moon”) and a whole bunch of funk, soul & disco (“Just Us” – by Two Tons of Fun”). All those influences melded together to create my new song. I hope it makes you smile and dance. And feel free to share it with a friend!


Also, I am making a MUSIC VIDEO for the song and I want YOU to be in it! (from the comfort of your own home) Click for details.