Winged Woman

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 1.30.13 (bigger file) PM.png
Fall or don’t fall
The trick is to jump
And see where you land
In sky or sand
Your wings will flap if they can
And hold you aloft
In heights you hadn’t even dared to dream of before
And if your wings are not strong enough yet
To keep you held mid-air like a fairy
Then fold your wings around yourself
Like a cocoon
Like a ball
So that when you fall down, down, down, to the earth you will not break
You will simply roll
Towards something new
Towards something closer to

Fall or don’t fall
The trick is to jump

– Lucy Schwartz


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The Twister


My dearest Roan,
Don’t be afraid.

Toss up the winds!
Let them roar!
Welcome the twister who knocks at your door.

Now is not the time to stand firm and unmoving,
Like an old, decaying castle, bombed after battle, with holes in your side,
Crumbling apart but refusing to fall,
Now is a time to let go
To jump into uncertainty
There’s no stopping the winds of change
Once they’ve decided to blow down your house

Here they come now,
Ever closer,
The uninvited guests
Barreling towards you at fantastic speed
Howling like a pack of wild dogs

So let them come
Allow yourself to be swept away
With arms open
Into the wind
Whatever it holds
Sometimes, its the only way to fly.

– Lucy Schwartz
Note: I do not own the photographs included in this post.