The Dragon

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.00.53 AM.png
You have a certain sharpness about you
Like a dragon almost
Or some sort of unusual species of snake

I know the question you’re asking yourself
The worry which is rapidly coiling itself inside your mind
And yes
You are venomous
The venom is rich within your blood
But the difference between you & the others is that
You don’t use your venom to bite
or kill
You use it to heal

The venom you have isn’t poison
It’s like an antidote
To a wounding that already took place long ago
And when ingested, it pulses through the veins like rapid fire
Consuming and transforming and sending love to every element and fiber of the person’s DNA
Until the wound is healed
And the person is whole once more

You are the dragon that walks in fire and smoke
And breathes light into the dark corners of the soul
I witness you in all your beauty
And with all your sharp edges
And I am in awe



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