The Only Way Forward Is Together

The whole world aches

The whole world is sore

The pain of the wound is too deep to tend to alone

The weight of the wound is too heavy to carry alone

So we must carry it together

And as each hand joins to carry the wound, hands clasping together, united,
Another stitch is made

And we come closer to healing

And closer to each other

Closer to the source of consciousness which tells us: we are all one.

I cannot hurt you without simultaneously hurting myself. I cannot feel without you being affected. Any feeling within me, be it love, anger, joy, or pain, ripples through the thousand invisible connections and is felt by you.

There is no difference between you and I, only space, only barriers, only skin, only molecules, and even that is an illusion

The only way forward is together

-Lucy Schwartz

Note: I do not own the photograph included in this post, but I always try to link the photographs to their original source (when I can find it). If you want to find out more about the beautiful image & the photographer you can click on the image.